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Beyond the notes - Online event April 22nd 2021 at 7.30pm (UTC+1.00)

take your folk music playing to the next level

Moving a little beyond the "Norwich Slow Session' in which you simply play along with me and my backing tracks, this session will be about looking at the tunes in more detail, and trying out some ideas to improve your playing and get how to get a more 'authentic' feel.

There'll still be plenty of playing, still slowly and with more lovely tunes of course!

See the Event Tunes page for the tunes

The session will include help with:

— 'Feel' and 'Rhythm'
— Phrasing
— Ornaments and embellishments
— Practice/learning techniques

I'm mainly a fiddle player, though I do also play the bouzouki and the bodhran, so some of the ornaments and practice techniques will be geared more to fiddle players.

If this appeals to you then please sign up for the session and I'll see you there.

Price (£7) includes the sheet music and mp3 files of the tunes which will be available here very soon.